Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a Ride!!!

Well, this morning started out amazing! It was only -6*C, and nice and sunny. There was a very light breeze. I've been having an absolutely abysmal week, so I had to get out riding before I yanked someone's head off! I called all my Gotland friends to see if someone would come out with me. It was too nice a day to waste. One friend couldn't come; she had to go get her hair done???!!! My hair could bloody well fall out! I mean, look at these trails...

I talked one friend into coming out, even though there was going to be a party at her place tonight (hardcore rider!). She is having a party for the opening of a movie that was filmed in her house. Another friend decided to walk with us (too much back problems to ride anymore). She was going to lead her mare along (the dam of my little filly).
So I got Willow dressed up in her treeless saddle (biggest winter advantage of these is the horse's warmth transfers well!) and the new Lindell-like sidepull I made her. She was eager to go, shoving her head into the bridle. We trooped around the ring for a few minutes as the others got organized. And then we were off!
The sun was out; in fact, by the time we got going I was actually sweating lightly! Course, that may have had to do with the excitement we had at the start of the ride... as we rode down the back trail into the woods, my little nutcase, affectionately called Dayanarra the Husband Slayer, decided that enough was enough! First we had separated her from her mom (she still hasn't gotten over being weaned form her mom - three months later!), and now mom was even leaving the yard (which she never does), but I was leaving, and on her only other friend! And she was left in the field with only the two cranky mares that don't like her! What was she to do???
... the little nutbar "was to" jump the bloody fence! Right over the electric fence, and through the next one (thank god it was off) to come join us. Oh, boy. Not something I wanted her to learn. Got the riding horses all hepped up. Pat, on the ground with the dam (who still allows her to nurse, grr!), got real nervous and started back to the barn to put baby away. Narra went to see mom, but at that moment Willow got very excited that her little buddy was there and ploughed through everyone to get to her, and off to the barn we jigged. Narra followed us, abandoning her mom (which makes me happy - she will be easy to pony off Willow next time).
We plunked Narra in the small pen – with the taller wooden fence! – with Sage. Sage was not happy to be a baby sitter! And we started out. And I prayed Narra would stay put!
Now where was I? …oh yeah …the breeze was warm and gentle through the trees, the sun dappled upon the ground. We had quite the ride. We went for almost 3 miles before returning to the barn. It was a perfect morning.
Now it’s miserable! The sun is still shinning, but the wind has now kicked up to 80, gusting to 100km/h. So if I suddenly go offline… look outside, that may be my house tumbling by!