Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clinics CAN be good

So, in the past I've been to a few clinics, and walked away shaking my head. It drives me nuts, the fanatics who say you MUST do it like their hero (this clinician or that one) or you are a terrible and abusive horseman. And you need to buy this fancy gimmicky piece of equipment or another.

It's usually not the fault of the clinician. Usually they are good people, out to help you develop a better relationship with your horse. But we've all met the Fanatic Followers. Oy.

I am a Fanatic Fan. I do admit it. But of a horse blogger, not of a trainer. Well, she is a trainer, but it is her musing on horses, training and living with horses that really sticks with me. It is from her that I have learned to take what I like from various training methods and incorporating them to what I am comfortable with. And I didn't even realize it until this weekend!

I audited a demo night of a trainer that came to Manitoba on Friday. At first it seemed kinda nuts what he was doing. And I'll admit it, I just stuck around to watch his exhibition of his gorgeous Andalusian stallion. But then I went home and thought about it. What he was actually doing and why; I think it was a gold mine of information! I may not buy his "fancy" Endo-whip. But I will think of a way to incorporate his theories into my training. Can't argue with the amazing results he got! And he doesn't insist you buy expensive whips, sticks or halters!

Check out his articles. I can see how I can use his theories to benefit me in what I want to accomplish with the horses...

And his his dog was ADORABLE! Next time he is in, you should check it out, just to watch the exibition at the end!

Gotta love horses

I woke up real cranky this morning.

The Sqwid kept waking up last night (he is teething AND just getting over a nasty cold). Each time he was up at least an hour. So not much sleep... again.

My wrist aches; I have DeQuervins Tenosynovitis, AKA "the Sqwid is a heavy lump that refuses to let me put him down".

Then I look outside. Despite the Almanac saying that it is now Spring, I see no sign that Winter is leaving. It is sleeting. Big, nasty, wet flakes. Mother Nature obviously hates me (Yes, I am taking it a bit personal). The horses are standing at the fence, wet, filthy and glaring at the house. They are PISSED! Good, I'm not the only one!

I sigh and start to bundle myself up against the cold and wet. I had best go out and feed and blanket them.

Evil Poneh is not too bad off, her coat is thick and long and fluffy; the wet rarely penetrates to her skin. But she hates rain. I know, she's a mustang that thinks she's a TB! I can practically hear her plotting nasty things to do to me.

Big Red is not as well off, while his coat is thick and plush it does not seem to repel water. He gets soaked to the bone quickly. And while it is amusing to watch him get pissed and beat up the Evil Poneh, I should blanket him against the cold.

I trudge out and pour their warm slop into their bowls and toss them plenty of hay to keep them distracted. I feed Red first, just to watch EP stomp around thrashing her head. And she does stomp. All four feet. I giggle. I'm mean. Bwahaha. I'm starting to feel a little better.

I pull out Red's shoulder slinky and fancy turnout shell. Swearing as I wrestle the slinky over his wet shoulders. It's like trying to pull off slim fit jeans while wet. Then I toss on the shell... then I chase after him to try and get it done up since I was to lazy to also pull out the halter and lead. More swearing.

Finally Red stands still and lets me do it up and yank on it to try and get it sitting right. Good boy, he gets a pat.

Then it's EP's turn. I pull out the old quilted blanket I got for $5 at a used tack sale and had to do major repairs on. It kinda fits. (See my priorities?) EP is very good and stands still while I toss it on, understanding that it keeps off the rain and is a good thing. I am almost bucked up when I hear a snort behind me.

It's Red. He has just spotted the "new" horse. He prances over to meet this pretty new burgundy coloured mare. She sidles nervously away. After all, she is at "his" hay pile. I flap my arm at him to keep him off until it get her safely done up. Then I stand back to enjoy the show. It goes something like this:

"Hellooo. My name is Redoubtable. I am a big, handsome boy. See my prancing side pass?"

"Uh, Mom?! What wrong with Red?!"

"Spring is in the air, pretty lady. Heh heh heh."

"MOOOOM! Save me! He's gone crazy!"

"I am strong and fast and have a pretty arching neck. See?"

"Ahh! He's chasing me!"

"Come back, mon cherie! It is love at first sight, no?!" (been watching lots of Loony Tunes lately)

I love horses. I walked away laughing. Beautiful day out.