Friday, January 29, 2010

Times are changing!

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote. I decided to retire Willow; she did not enjoy her last ride. And so we both decided to both just enjoy riding together occasionally; for a fun ride in the back woods. She stayed living with me for a few more months, but she moved back to her owners for the winter. Now they are talking of selling her to a new home. She will likely be bred this spring too! This is exciting to me as I LOVE her babies. So, I am looking for a new endurance prospect!

I love horse shopping!

I am looking at a really awesome prospect right now (not a Gotland though!) He has a lot of the great things I liked about Willow, but is built better to suit the sport I want to advance in now. I will have to go out and see him, make sure he has the spunk and willingness to suit the level I want to move up to in endurance. It's not that I have suddenly turned cometitive, but I would love to occasionally try a 50 miler, and I now know that would never happen on a Gotland. They just don't cool as well and they have to take twice as many steps! Too bad!

But I am not in a hurry to get a horse for this riding season, as I am pregnant! Hubby and I are so excited, we are already looking forward to all the fun kid stuff. But my second though was... well, there goes my riding plans for 2010!

Well, I'll just have to make other horsey plans.

So my horsaii goals for 2010:

* Work more on Narra, my half Gotland filly! She needs more work on...
* Her leading manners - bossy filly!
* Getting off the property
* Get her used to roads

* Work on my lounging skills, with Narra. A few short sessions just to get her started. She will be 2 in June, so good time to start then. I'll have "dropped" my own kidlet by then. I'll do this in all my spare time!

* Buy my next endurance horse! Fun!

* Volunteer more with my two long distance riding clubs on ride days.

* Get involved in fundraising for the two clubs to keep them going!

* Work on adding fencing to make more tracks for the horses.

* Get back in the saddle by fall!

* Figure out the great mystery of long-lining to get the young horse (horses if I buy the second horse!) ready for the trainer next spring.

I'll have to take some pictures of Nara in her winter woolies, she looks liek a yak right now. A yak with a beard.

Hope you guys are not freezing where you are!