Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jake’s First Endurance Ride

August 22, 2010

Well to be truthful, he’s already done 30 competition miles… in utero! But this is the first ride we made it to this year.

Actually we packed up and got on the road on Saturday, but halfway to Bel Air Provincial Forest the timing belt on the car shredded and the vehicle died. Jake and I were stuck on the side of the road for an hour, in 30 degree heat. By the time we made it home, I did not feel like packing into the van and trying again.

The next day we packed into the van and started up to arrive just before people would be coming in for the 25s. I set up chairs for Jake and me, and settled down to chat with friends I have not seen in months. Tanya was there with her daughter, and she delighted in telling me how boys are NUTS as they get older. She has a big boy who will sleep one hour in a 24 hour period. I still have nightmares.

Then the five 25s all came in in a pack. I was pleased to see Rachel on Beamer. It was a very exciting few minutes as they all raced to pulse down and present.

I was quietly rooting for Rachel and her Walker. I really like that horse, have ever since riding with them on that CT ride last September. He is so mellow and businesslike about the rides, yet is very forward and you can tell he enjoys it. He looks like a joy to ride, and is so smooth. See, doesn’t he look great?!

I had lots of time to visit afterwards. Jake was great, just sitting in his chair, and watching the trees waving in the breeze. He really likes watching trees.

But I can’t wait to get back into competing! Unfortunately, mine won’t be old enough for two years. Maybe someone will lend me a horse?...