Friday, February 10, 2012

My New Resolution

I've been doing horrible this year for my training resolutions.  I have two untrained coming four year olds just sittign in my yard.  And while I am sure they are perfectly happy just trotting around, having fun and eating hay, I believe it is my responsibility as their owner to see them trained. Horses are not like dogs, where if something were to happen to you, can still find a home relatively easily.  There is not a very good market for untrained horses, and it greatly increases their chance of going to the knackers!  And the more training and exposure to things, the better home they can likely find.

So I set myself a few goals this year.  General ones, like ground work on Red.  Undersaddle work by March, 2-3 pleasure rides at the endurance rides this ride season. 

But at the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to be undersaddle by September!  So I have set more exact goals.  With appointments on my e-calendar and reminders that pop up!  Every Wednesday is a ground driving lesson for Red.  Fridays are a short longeing lesson for Red and other stuff to fill in an hour.  Such as carrying a bit while I groom, or hobble training.  Sundays are another ground driving lesson, at least for another week or two, until I feel comfortable to ask someone over to lead us as I sit on his back.

I'll try to keep myself honest by blogging about the training days.  They'll likely be short, and not all will have photos.  So this may get boring for those reading this!  lol


Two weeks ago I ordered some stuff from a tack store closing.  75% off!!!!  And I have anxiously awaiting delivery.  I got my stuff yesterday, only to have 75% on backorder!  So who knows when it will arrive!

In that order, I got bits for both horses.  For Evil Poneh, who has a normal tongue and good arch, I got a simple 5" loose ring snaffle in German silver.  Since she is going to the trainer in 2 1/2 weeks I wanted to do some basic prep work.  I will be beginning hobble training and bitting her.  Just low stress, pop the bit in and brush her, which she loves!  Unfortunately her bit was one of the items on backorder.  So I ended up borrowing a happy-mouth eggbutt snaffle.  Meh.  I attached it to my stupid simple Snap-On bridle last night and resolved to go outside today and put it on!

So as Sqwid went down for his nap, I could delay no longer *shudder*  I bundled up and brought the bridle outside.  I haltered both horses, and tied Red a distance away so he wouldn't chase Narra away from me. 

Then I got a gander at Evil Poneh's bridle path.  I would categorize her as follically well-endowed.  I would have had to let out the cheekepieces a few notches to get over that fro.  Unfortuately the roaching shears I ordered were also on backorder.  So I re-trimmed her roach (it was starting to flop) using the twine scissors.  Hmmmm... not the same effect.

It came time to try the bit.  I put it on my hand, and she gobbled it up like candy.  She was not too impressed that it was not edible.

But other than constantly mouthing it, she didn't care. 

So I slipped it off, then back on quickly.  Gave her a few treats, and took it off and left her alone.

By this time my pinkies had gone numb, and my legs were freezing so I packed it all up and ran inside. 

It's a start.

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