Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A big day...

Well, I had set myself a goal, but I was still not making it out often enough to get Red properly started.  So I decided to send him out to the same trainer Evil Poneh was going to.  But she could only take one, and since I want to do the mid May CT ride, I decided to send Red out first. 

And today was Moving Day.

This morning I made up ziplocs of his munchies mix, packed all his tack and ran out to do some shopping.  When we got back it was time to put Sqwid down for his nap, and time to load Red.

Remembering The Great Trailering Wars of 2011, I thought I'd start as soon as Sqwid went down for his nap. And with good luck and dogged perseverence Red would be loaded in time for me to run in, feed Sqwid a quick snack, and then leave by 4:30.

So I haltered Red, put his munchies and hay in the trailer and grabbed the longing whip in anticipation of having to make him work. We walked up to the trailer, he snorted (like he hasn't been tied to it for hours over the last two days). I walked up and tossed two cookies on the floor. His ears snapped forward (I felt the rush of wind) and he snuck up on the cookies and gobbled them before they could escape.

I asked him to step in. I got a "No way, Lady!" So I backed him quickly 10 feet, sent him in a tight circle, then approached the trailer and stepped in. He stepped right up. I stood there confused on what had just happened.

We turned around and stepped out. Then loaded right back in.

My nerve broke at this point and I decided to leave him in there with his food until it's time to leave. lol

So there he sat, all relaxed.

Evil Poneh wass a basket case; hollering and running back and forth. Oh, well, she needs to loose weight. 

She did not settle down the whole time, and was a bit sweaty by the time to leave!  I got Sqwid dressed in his snowsuit and put the poor Berner puppy in the crate.

Please don't make me go in the crate!
And we were off.  Unfortuantely, due to an accident, we had to take a long detour that add 20+ minutes.  But we got there before nightfall, barely.  Here is a picture of Red's nosy neighbours.
 And a quick one of Red exploring his new paddock.

The trainer has promised to keep me emailed with regular updates on his progress.  Yeah!


Nightclub Guest List said...

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TalkTeke said...

Thanks! I am hoping to do it again tomorrow. The trainer may have a spot open up. Then I can send out Evil Poneh at the same time and have two started hores! (Finally)