Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trainer's Day 11 report

Red went for a ride in Bird's Hill Park!

I was able to walk him right across the highway without issues. He did give the rock at the trail entrance a little look but passed it after I let him relax for a second and then gave him a little squeeze. I walked him on a loose rein and did a little bit of trot as well. He did require some half halting but was thoroughly enjoying himself! We came across some deer which spooked him but he just did the "on the spot" spook and then carried on without any further worries. His breaks were excellent and he learned to back up so I could get him pushing off with his hind a little more and getting it to tuck under. I basically plan on backing him up a couple steps after every whoa to sharpen his breaks up a tad.

OK, that sounds like fun!

Narra was not ready for a ride in BHP.

...worked on being relaxed and willing in the yard. We did a bit of trot and she even softened to the bit at times! She threw a couple of "I don't want to" fits just by stopping and becoming numb but I gave her a moment to think and then she carried on and I petted her for continuing. By the end of the ride there were no issues with steering or stubbornness. She still has a few things to learn about breaks.

She is also planning to work on clipper training this weekend.  I said she can clip whatever she wants to, to keep them cooler.  I don't mind giggling at their expense if she does a funny clip (like an "endurance clip" I have heard others doing).  She said she would just clip the head and bridle path, as she wants to do pictures as they progress!  That's just fine with me.  She is an amazine equine photographer!

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