Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trainer's Day 15 report

Red: I worked Red again in the outdoor ring. He was a lot better with his steering and his breaks were great. I just had to sit back, pick up the reins a bit and give the cue and he would slow and stop. We worked on the figure 8 to sharpen his steering even further and then tried out some canter in the ring. His transitions up into the canter were better than most horses at this stage and he was very responsive to the whoa. His steering of course needs work at the canter while he works on balancing but I will be working him on the lunge to help him out with that. His canter was uphill and forward. He did buck a couple of times but nothing to try to harm anyone. Just 1 buck twice when I had to get his attention with my leg. I gave him shit for that and he realized it was bad and didn't do it again.

I LOVE THIS HORSE!  He sounds so honest and just what I need to get back into riding.

Narra: Narra was so keen and did great with the walk and trot. Her steering faltered a little because she was interested in a couple other things such as, playing in the puddles and other horses. We worked on a small figure 8 and she got over it. She is quite lazy and needs a lot of reinforcement with the leg. With a LOT of transition work she should get over this no problem. I decided to see how she did with the canter. I FINALLY got her up into it and she bucked into the canter with a little leap but then settled and had a beautiful round canter both ways. After this I tried to ask her again and she just slowed her trot. Very lazy. I think we had only done 6 strides each way. I FINALLY got another 6 strides out of her and ended there. She was a sleepy girl. Very happy though. She has not been bratty at all. Just lazy but if she would rather stop than bolt, that is much more desirable for a kids pony. Still want to get her on an even forward pace though. I will be working her on the lunge as well to get her keeping her rhythm a little better and keeping the canter without me having to dislocate a hip. haha.

I hate lazy horses! Ahhhh! Oh, well.

She has also been ponying the two off each other (must look hilarious when she reverses things and ponies the 15h gelding off the 13h mare! lol) It bothers them not a bit. Next she will try to pony them off a strange horse.


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