Friday, March 16, 2012

Trainer's Day 16 report

Narra on Friday was SO good! I took her for a ride in the ditches and had NO problems with her being lazy. She trotted and went through huge puddles and then had 2 GREAT canters which she enjoyed and held like a champ. She was a very happy girl. She knows her way home because she got a little quick on the way back and was doing little jigs here and there which I hate but she was great at the end. Her breaks are MUCH improved as well as her steering. She is a little apprehensive with the steering.

I worked Red in the ring again and worked with ground tying. He is not taking to it as fast as Narra because he just wants to follow. Narra seems to take pride in standing nicely haha. It's cute. He did well though and let me untack him without moving and then go away from him and open the gate. His steering was excellent as well as his pace. You could really tell he was waiting to see what I was going to ask next and almost was trying to be one step ahead. for his breaks I just have to say whoa and relax and he stops. No rein pressure. The steering in the canter was great and I will be starting to get him moving off the leg right away so that he starts to take a bit more shape and get the proper bend. He is a bit barrel horseish with a slow pace right now.

Very comfortable gaits for both horses!

Great progress for both horses.  Since these would be rides 8 for both horses. 

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