Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trainer's Day 14 report

Got a great email today.

Evil Poneh may yet become Not-so Evil Poneh.  Her ride last night sounded like a big improvement.

...her shortest ride yet! I rode her in the riding ring and she did amazing. We just worked on the circle at the walk and trot. worked on keeping straight and relaxed. She kept a good pace and was a little bit lazy even (we will work on that). I was able to get her stopping at the "whoa" cue while sitting deep and putting very little pressure on the reins. At the trot and walk she was reaching down into the bit and she had no issues with stubbornness.

Red was also very good. He was also reaching down into the bit at the walk and trot. He kept a good pace but was more inclined to speed up. He will do very well at dressage. You can feel a little pause in his trot! Some suspension happening there. He was a little apprehensive with the steering today but his breaks are great! By the end he was trotting in relaxed circles and beginning to drop his poll. After this I decided to take him on a little 15 min trail ride. So Red had his first canter! I had to urge him into it the first time but he kept his pace and was very honest about it on a loose rein. The second time I asked him he basically stepped right up into it. I cantered him about 10 strides each time. He was VERY happy about this!

I am SO looking forward to riding him!  He is shaping up to be exactly the horse I wanted when I went shopping.

And while I had wanted to start him myself, I am not regretting sending him to this woman.  For one thing, she is working him so much more often than I could and he is learning so quickly!  And keeping me in the loop the entire time.

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