Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trainer`s Day 8 update

Sounds like things are progressing nicely.  Between managing the barn (while owners away) and her full time job, she has been working them after dark mostly. Good thing the nights were so bright! But they are handling wallking in strange places, doing new things, in the dark, with little worry.

I worked again with long reining. [Evil Poneh] was much better but still extremely stubborn. All she did though was not want to go forward and then when she did, she decided to do her own little serpentines. Not a big deal since she was at least going forward. We covered 4x the distance this time! By the end she was responsive to me asking her to move forward and seemed quite pleased with herself. After this I took her in and groomed her. She is MUCH calmer in the barn now. She stood ground tied while I groomed her and then ate her food and munched some hay calmly in the stall while I went to get Red.
She was actually born in a barn and spent her first month in a small barn with attached run. So really barns are not the problem. Listening is!

I rode Red! I did not have a saddle on him for this time though. He was very good but a little confused. I took him through the ditch and around trees, working on steering and moving forward. At first he was a little apprehensive to go, but was very much enjoying himself at the end. He was walking on a loose rein at a good pace and did not hesitate (as Narra did) to turn away from home. When we got back he was very snuggly in the barn and kept his eye on me. It was very cute.

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