Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trainer`s Day 9 update

I decided I would just hop up and walk around the yard. She had her initial stubborn streak with not wanting to go forward (not a big issue) and then once she went forward she was super proud of herself again. No attempts to buck or bolt. She was wanting to go wherever she wanted but did not get away with it so by the end she was moving forward with a very small cue and turning in both directions as well as stopping and standing. She was very happy and we even went for a little walk in the ditch where there was some VERY deep snow but she did not hesitate. She scooted up a little snow hill to get back onto the driveway too. After the ride, when I put her out, she followed me around. Looks like she is learning that listening is fun! YAY!
I think Evil Poneh is her favourite, since she always starts with her.

Red is progressing faster:

I did the EXACT same thing but with a saddle. He made no different reactions, other than him not wanting to turn to the right. He got over that though and was relaxed and happy by the end. Very easy to work with! He even started to look for contact at the end. But when he wasn't wanting to turn, I was blown away by how far he can get his head back. That was the only head tossing he did though so phew.

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