Friday, March 16, 2012

Mommy Mental Health Morning

Today hubby was home, so even though Sqwid is pretty sick, I abandonded them both and went to the barn.

I stopped at Canvasback on the way to the barn and got myself a Groomer's Stone. Great for shedding hair and polished the coat too. So much better (and kinder) than a shedding blade! The horses loved it (they both hate the shedding blade).  I liked the stone too.  It is a porous "stone" made from recycled glass.  It is oblong and fits nicely into your hand.  And with the rounded sides, it's softer on their body and legs.

Red also got a big massage.  Red stood for the curry and brushing, but then wandered off. Narra loved all the attention. I shedded her out pretty good with the groomer's stone, and gooped on lots of Ecolicious DeStress on her mane and tail. Then I went over to Red who was laying down. I gooped some DeStress on his mane, then gave him a 20 minute massage. It was funny, he kept grunting and stretching his head forward and nodding off. Eventually he leaned against my leg, and nearly knocked me over as he really relaxed. Funny boy.
Lord do they need a bath.  Once they are home, I plan an Ecolicious makeover.  I am planning to add a hot water tap outside beside my regualr tap, so I can give warm water baths, for horses and dogs on my washrack.

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banagade said...

this weather isn't fun. My horses are literally green in colour and smell horrible. I can't wait until my barn hooks up the hose... it'd also help if the turkeys stop pooping on them...

I think I may need to try this Ecolicious stuff everyone is talking about :D

Glad you got some good bonding in with your ponies!